I Am Back and Everything Happens Perfectly

today is my first day back online after the vocal chord surgery left without any voice at all. It was really scary there for a week because no one told I would lose my voice entirely–which happened during the surgery.

So here I am having to learn to direct my air for a more powerful voice and I also need to learn to swallow water again.

So why am I happy? In meditation I found my answers about why this and other life crises happened from the very young age of 4. Wow! I “get” it now. And that makes all the difference not just for me but for you too.

I am grateful to be me as I am.

About the Author Ali

Ali Bierman is the number one Happiness Expert on Exzinearticles.com where she is a Diamond expert with over 1,000 articles. Coming back from two Traumatic Brain injuries that altered her body dramatically, Ali found True Happiness while lying in bed unable to walk, talk, or swallow. As a wife of 32 years, mother, psychotherapist, specialized kinesiologist, ordained metaphysical minister, author, teacher, family member and friend, she brings a unique perspective to her work. Change happens instantly in Ali's world. What takes a long time, and maybe never happens for some people, is getting ready to change.