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I Shoveled the Snow Faster

I cannot believe how deep the new snowfall is! Gee willikers! Yesterday’s warmer weather melted the ice I couldn’t get after shoveling two days ago.

Kabam! Today the snow fell hard all day long. I did go out to shovel when it let up. I finished my big driveway and walk faster than the last shoveling job which amazed me. Great news, huh? Even better, I didst get sick this time.

So weird, the snow had a clear inch think layer of ice on the bottom – consistently across the enitre area. So I had to maintain my balance while shoveling. what a task.

And what a gift. One year ago I could npt even stand on my own. today I shoveled heavy snow while mainlining my balance on an icy sloped driveway.


Warmer Temperature Melting the Ice

Isn’t it great when the sun heats up the earth and melts the ice left after shoveling away the snow the day before? Now that is something to celebrate!

Lawn Step 1 Done

I’ve been waiting for the winds to stop and the weather to be cool enough for me to dress in my plastic protective outfit so could finally apply a local formula to kill the weeds that have over taken my lawn and flower beds.

Once the weeds die then I can mow for step 2. Which will leave fertiliIng the yard for the 4rd and final step of l;awn care.MY goodness, the weeds have been horrendous this year. I am happy and grateful I accomplished step 1 today.

The Spider and the HUmming BIrd

http://www.thehappysharemovement.com/One thing I definitely do NOT like about living in southwest Idaho is the large number and varieties of spiders here. AS I went to my office window to get a spider today, finding I could not reach it without pulling up the blinds, I pulled up the blinds.

A gorgeous humming bird came to say hello–just the one back in Kuina. Only this one is tiny and a different color.

HE looked at me and hovered for a bit. Then went to the butterfly bush for food. I hope he also finds the feeder out back.

NOW how great is that!