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Where’s the Beef

Do you remember the old Wendy’s commercial where three female senior citizens go to a fast food burger joint and one, upon lifting the top half of her bun to reveal a pittance of of a hamburger exclaims, “Where’s the beef?”

After being a vegetarian for 15 years when I slowly added animal protein back into my diet for health reasons. Many people do not do well as vegetarian and I am one of them. there is truth in the eat right for your blood type that I discovered the hard way. I still don’t really like beef yet I cannot deny I notice huge difference in my functioning when I eat beef as opposed to poultry or fish.

So, after not eating much beef for a while I bought some and prepared it today. With my new-found need to re-learn swallowing I admit getting it down aw a chore. And I did get it down and enjoyed a very productive day because of the nourishment I clearly gain eating beef.

I may not like the thought of eating an animal but then I stop and think, when I eat vegetables those also died for me. And if you don’t think plants have feelings, think again. At least I buy my meat form local humane farmers and the cattle graze in the field untainted by hormones or antibiotics.

Always bless your food before you eat and give thanks to Nature, the animal or plant that will feed you, to all those who took part in producing the food and to the store for you to buy it. And of course than the Universe for blessing you with food and the ability to eat and use it.

I Am Back and Everything Happens Perfectly

today is my first day back online after the vocal chord surgery left without any voice at all. It was really scary there for a week because no one told I would lose my voice entirely–which happened during the surgery.

So here I am having to learn to direct my air for a more powerful voice and I also need to learn to swallow water again.

So why am I happy? In meditation I found my answers about why this and other life crises happened from the very young age of 4. Wow! I “get” it now. And that makes all the difference not just for me but for you too.

I am grateful to be me as I am.

Yay! I am Getting Back Online

You may have noticed I have not been here a while. Often I post on Facebook the past week I have been coming back from a major setback in my healing.

Well. the opportunity is to be grateful even when you hurt so much you cannot move. And that is what happened for me.

MY mentor, thankfully, reminded me I was focusing more on feel awful than on feeling terrific. Duh. So what I did was every time I thought of it I named at least 10 things for which IO felt grateful. Great habit to create–fits right along with this habit of happiness.

And so I am back. Oh yeah, a really big thing lesson for me is to stop over-doing. IF you were keeping up with all I did in November you will get idea I way more than one person should do in a month. Okay–another habit I am breaking.

So now I get in bed early, go to sleep early and sleep deep and well. If you aren’t waking up on your own in the morning feeling fully rested – you are short-changing yourself on sleep.

Happiness and health – you need both and each causes the other to expand.

Sunflower Carrot Spinach Patties

Always experiemtning with eating well and using the pulp left from juicing. I ground soaked sunflower seeds in my Omaga Nutrition Center then added them to the carrot-spinach pulp left from juicing, tossed in some rosemary from my friend’s garden. Then I sauteed them in yummy organic olive oil.

OMG–amazing! So sweet you can enjoy them for dessert. NOw that always makes me happy–eating well and enjoying every morsel!


http://www.thehappysharemovement.com/Well guess what I found in the store yesterday. A fresh bunch of purple kale–my favorite.
guess what aroma I am now enjoying.

Lemon kale chips in the drying process.

Ah! One of my favorite treats and especially good for you the way I make them. Too bad you’re not here to taste ’em.

My Far Infrared Massage Bed

I am so happy and grateful. I am now able to lie down on my far infrared massage bed again and relax into the massaging rollers moving up and down my legs (cannot do my spine yet–though I get torest on a tourmaline surface) and the FIR handheld lamp rests where ever I place it.
So nice!!!!!!!!


Something told me to make lots of copies for the breast health class and go everywhere to distribute them. so I did. And they were welcomed everywhere! Well, when it comes to being healthy, why would anyone refuse to spread the word.