I Am Back and Everything Happens Perfectly

today is my first day back online after the vocal chord surgery left without any voice at all. It was really scary there for a week because no one told I would lose my voice entirely–which happened during the surgery.

So here I am having to learn to direct my air for a more powerful voice and I also need to learn to swallow water again.

So why am I happy? In meditation I found my answers about why this and other life crises happened from the very young age of 4. Wow! I “get” it now. And that makes all the difference not just for me but for you too.

I am grateful to be me as I am.

Christmas Eve Dinner Invite – First Ever

ali-smileI grew up Jewsih with Jewish friends so Christmas was something I never thought about for myself. Living in a very Christian country away from non-christian friends left me feeling like I wished to be part of a family tradition. And I attracted the invite!

I just went to my first ever Christmas Eve dinner with some friends adn their huge very lovely family. Amazing food, great company –all good.
Very thankful. Sometimes I miss my family. Some of my friends in Idaho treat me like a family member and I am so gratefull for those friendships and precious invites.

My New Dental Dental Office

This may seem an odd thing to be super happy about…
I found such a wonderful new dental hygienist and dentist today. Since the nerve damage of the brain surgery one year ago, opening my mouth, lying back and all kinds of stuff caused me to put offr going to the dentist. So with some trepidation about whether or not I could handle the visit, the Universe lewd me to a new dental office with so many super nice and extra accommodating people.

would you believe the hygienist cleaned my teeth standing because I couldn’t lie back! Adn then the dentist checked my teeth standing too–I mean they stood to do their work so I could sit almost upright.

I got the most caring treatment I never even imagined.
Wow! If you live in Meridian go to Willow Tree Dental. Ask for Janna and Dr. Hess.

Just one more reason to love living in Meridian!

Put Up My Store

For years I wanted to put my store online. Today I did it! I have more to add and this is a HOliday Store with ALL special prices and bonuses.
No matter, after the holidays I can change the pricing and bonuses and have my store in place.

Reading a Whole Book

Today I finished reading a whole book–the first time I sat down and read a book through in very many years.
I told myself I could and my eyes cooperated and my brain all worked and I finished the book. And it was a business book too.
Hey it was a great read.
If you are in business read The Impact Formula by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith.

I am so grateful I set my mind to reading a book and finished it.

100 Pages

I read 100 pages today, in a regular print book.

For the past 16 years I read books a few pages at a time.

I will finish the book tomorrow.

Meditation Connects Me to the Universe

Mediation is a vital part of my life. When I fail to make time, especially in the morning, to meditate my day definitely does not run as smoothly.

I get all kinds of answers and information and insights when I meditate.

Today I my gift answered questions I didn’t even realize I had for probably 30 years. For all that time the Universe has been directing me toward my definite life purpose and I kept missing it.
Today I everything came together across my life. All the odd side trips off what I had thought to be my life path, all the challenges, opportunities, pains and good times – now I finally understand.

Not only did I get the info on the what I also got the how and the biggest message of all–to stop saying I can help others but not myself with the work I do. I saw the Light that told me my new technique is designed, first and foremost, for me to heal me.

I feel so much lighter and happy.

Great Bank Service

When my debit card was not approved for a small purchase I felt much concern. KNow what I mean?
I went home and discovered someone had compromised my card number and was making ludicrous charges from my account.
What great bank I use. The out-of-ordinary purchases and not my pattern were immediately picked up by my bank and the card closed. And they issued me a new card right away.

Had I not tried to make a small purchase I would not have known what was going on. Didn’t matter because my wonderful bank was taking care of me.

I love the way the Universe works! and feel so grateful for my wonderful bank.

Serving with the Team

Today, as a member of the Chamber of Commerce, I got to be one of the servers for the lunch food at the very popular business event here in Meridian called the Smokeout.
It was a holiday meal–main dish a luau pig.
I have seen so many of them here in Idaho (???) the sight no longer totally freaks me out. Can’t say I find it pleasing though.

Well, I didn’t serve the pig. I got to unwrap and cut the huge smoked potatoes for the platter.

I don’t know how people survive on pork and smoked white potatoes. So few eat greens.

Anyhow, it was fun being part of a team. Know what I mean?

Manifesting Instantly

Today is senior citizen discount day where I buy most of my groceries. I was trying to find the newest branch of the store. But my GPS did not list it. Okay, that is becuase I was supposed to go to my favorite store location.

I know why. In the store I found half my desired items on super sale. I easily saved $20.

Nice, the way the Universe works.

Ans that was the third bug deal today. What a fabulous day–and to think it started out in tears. The thing is to switch back to happiness when you find yourself deeply stuck in pain.