More than 54 Books

manuscriptsThe other day I did something I have really wanted to do for very many months.

I went through all my backup drives and retrieved the books I had digitized and organized. I know there are more and I have no idea where they are.

So far, the count is 54–all kinds of books, fiction for kids, for adults, and non-fiction for adults. Poems for the children and for adults.

So now I know what I must do. Get them out there! WIth that many books I can actually create some income doing what I am learning to do.

I still remember the first few lines I ever wrote – at age six. Don’t you wonder what they were?

How about my first kids’ book when I was eight? I wish had copies of all those things. Phooey.

I think I could write, create art and music all day long every day and just live in total peace and bliss.

Made Up a New Song

DSC_1052 I composed a new song today. My voice isn’t great yet so what I heard in my head isn’t exactly what came out on my recording. What I did record,  I am pretty sure will give me enough melody to write the entire song once my voice is fully back.

Yay! This a BIG deal for me.m And I am so very grateful.

Videos Views

My video, 5 Steps to Rewire Your Brain for Success, got a quick 56 views today without my telling my friends or followers about it. Wow!

My voice may not be strong but you know what? I am making the difference I came here to make. That truth leaves me sooooooo happy.

Made Videos

I don’t have my voice back and I made videos anyway.
Sometimes I opened my mouth and NO sound came out. But other times I spoke so you could tell what I said and so I made some very important videos.

Please click like and share this video with someone you know needs to hear this info to get going again.

New Ebook Covers

wydnk-ebook-coverI found an amazing graphics artist who designed a perfect cover for my book What You Don’t Know You Don’t Know: How Your Brain and Mind Keep You Stuck

I also updated my book. AS soon as fix the formatting it will go up on Kindle and into my store.

I Shoveled the Snow Faster

I cannot believe how deep the new snowfall is! Gee willikers! Yesterday’s warmer weather melted the ice I couldn’t get after shoveling two days ago.

Kabam! Today the snow fell hard all day long. I did go out to shovel when it let up. I finished my big driveway and walk faster than the last shoveling job which amazed me. Great news, huh? Even better, I didst get sick this time.

So weird, the snow had a clear inch think layer of ice on the bottom – consistently across the enitre area. So I had to maintain my balance while shoveling. what a task.

And what a gift. One year ago I could npt even stand on my own. today I shoveled heavy snow while mainlining my balance on an icy sloped driveway.


Warmer Temperature Melting the Ice

Isn’t it great when the sun heats up the earth and melts the ice left after shoveling away the snow the day before? Now that is something to celebrate!

gifts, gifts and More gifts

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Another Book Up

I finished another book today, a short one on Love Happiness Success. I ove when I do something nice adn helpful. And feel proud I designed the cover–though some challenges have it looking not quite as it will when all works on my computer, right?

You see, I discovered a very definite formula for life, I mean for living in happiness. This short ebook introduces you tot he basics. Obviously I cannot put all the information in one little book. In fact, even a big tome would not get you moving because we all need someone to help us focus and take those important daily steps in the direction of our dreams.

HOw do you get a copy? Go here and grab your copy of What You Don’t KNow You Don’t KNow Runs You. YOu will find how to get the new book inside.

Where’s the Beef

Do you remember the old Wendy’s commercial where three female senior citizens go to a fast food burger joint and one, upon lifting the top half of her bun to reveal a pittance of of a hamburger exclaims, “Where’s the beef?”

After being a vegetarian for 15 years when I slowly added animal protein back into my diet for health reasons. Many people do not do well as vegetarian and I am one of them. there is truth in the eat right for your blood type that I discovered the hard way. I still don’t really like beef yet I cannot deny I notice huge difference in my functioning when I eat beef as opposed to poultry or fish.

So, after not eating much beef for a while I bought some and prepared it today. With my new-found need to re-learn swallowing I admit getting it down aw a chore. And I did get it down and enjoyed a very productive day because of the nourishment I clearly gain eating beef.

I may not like the thought of eating an animal but then I stop and think, when I eat vegetables those also died for me. And if you don’t think plants have feelings, think again. At least I buy my meat form local humane farmers and the cattle graze in the field untainted by hormones or antibiotics.

Always bless your food before you eat and give thanks to Nature, the animal or plant that will feed you, to all those who took part in producing the food and to the store for you to buy it. And of course than the Universe for blessing you with food and the ability to eat and use it.