I Shared a New a Song Today

BEen more than 8 months since I wrote and sang a song. I won’t tell you my singing voice is back. Still, I did it.

Last month I could barely speak. In time my singing voice will return too. HAS to–everyone knows I will write a song for my daughter and her fiance to sing at the wedding.

Love, the Result of Happiness, Conquers All

http://www.thehappysharemovement.com/Well this site was shut down again by some unloved individual–a hacker. Happily I got it up and running–lost about one week of Happy Shares but hey–you can see all of them on  my Facebook page.

I am so thankful I love people and serve them lovingly rather than destroy the world.

The habit of Happiness will change your life. One-by-one people living the Habit of Happiness will change the world. The critical mass is far fewer epole than you think.

Filmed My CLass

LAst night my talented friends helped me film my class . They moved here from  the film/tv industry in California. And they gave me so many great ideas to make the video better that  we all decided to record it a second time.

So it will be a while before I share the new info with you And you will be glad I took the time to make what I now have even better.

I appreciate you for being in my life.


http://www.thehappysharemovement.com/My daughter got engaged today. NOw I know that is not something for me but for her.On the other hand, I was a stay-at-home mom and we are so close and have this really special relationship. After living together for years–WOW!

The Re-Birth of The Happy Share Movement

WElcome back! I am so grateful you came by to share your happy share and create the habit of happiness.

I know everything happens for a reason. And we may never know that reason, okay?

Some not nice person with nothing better to do with his or her time or talent hacked into my site and destroyed everything–all my posts, videos–everything since last September 21, 2011.

Obviously I cannot re-create all that material.I will find the basic posts explaining what a Happy Share is and why you want to create the habit of sharing. I can do so because my Facebook Fan Page is still alive and healthy.

I appreciate your loving support as I rebuild this site so you can contribute and cause smiles to blossom on your face and in your heart.

If you are on Facebook you can find the Fan Page buy clicking here.

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