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Blog | The Happy Share Movement

Why and What is a Happy Share


Reiterating the message of the video, when you speak and share aloud your happy event(s) each day you re-live the moment complete with all the feel good endorphins running throughout your body.

Your happy share may inspire another person to notice a similar event in his or her life allowing someone else to feel good! So when you share you get to double your own happiness. When you fail to look for happy events you not only will never find one but you will likely sink into despair.

Which comes first: happiness or achieving some goal?

Many people think they will be happy after some event happens: they get a new job, their ideal partner enters their lives, they lose the extra pounds, etc.

The fact is that being happy first allows you to attract all good things into your life. You will never achieve lasting happiness in any area of life after some outside event happens.

That truth shows up most powerfully in health.

You cannot experience more than one emotion in any given moment. You actually live your life expressing one dominant emotional theme. Unfortunately, you likely do so without conscious awareness. The bad news is your over-riding underlying emotion is probably one of negativity.

Until you pay attention to how you feel and the energy that pervades your body, mind and spirit you live with one or more of the following: fear, anxiety (and the stress both cause), resentment, rejection or anger.

While you may insist you are a happy, carefree, easy-gong person, in fact the truth belies appearances. Yes, you tell everyone how relaxed and easy-going you are to convince yourself first and others - well, you probably do not convince anybody since that self-deception fails to ring true for others in your world.

Science and spirituality mesh on the subject of emotional causes creating physical outcomes. Verify the accuracy of those statements in both medical and spiritual texts, including the Bible.

You likely heard the old saying, "Laughter is the best medicine."

Remember how Norman Cousins cured himself of a deadly disease by watching funny movies?

Note this excerpt from Proverbs 17:22,

"A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones."

What happens in the bones? Your bone marrow builds red blood cells that carry oxygen through your body. Oxygen gives life. Breath is about living life full out!

When you live in happiness you divert illness because your body has no need to hold on to a negative framing of events. In other words, viewing life from the happiness perspective allows you to interpret life differently than you do when your heart hangs heavy.

Taking that truth one step farther, your mood determines your frequency of vibration. Happy people vibrate at a higher frequency than sad, hurt or angry people do. Healthy people also vibrate at higher frequencies than unhealthy people.

The fact is that happy people lead longer, healthier lives with better relationships on more success in business and all dimensions.

Here is why...

Let's say, on a scale of 1-10 your happiness even is a 7. When something traumatic happens in your life,  impacting you as a level 3 event (losing a job or moving away from friends and family) you may slip a few notches in happiness, perhaps falling to level 4. By the way, bad things happen in everyone's life - no exceptions.

Since your normal happiness is 7 you will grow through all the pain of the situation and then you, in time, bounce back yp to level 7. On the pother hand, if you happiness level begins at level 4 and that same event interrupts your life, falling to level 1 or 2 presents a major challenge to recovery for you. The healing period may take longer - and may never get you back to that level 4 at all.

Ultimately living in happiness feeds your spirit, your emotions and your physical body with life-giving energy. Besides, living in happiness happy feels good, yes?

How To Be Happy NOW: Create the Habit of Happiness

Everything you do in life, bottom line, you do it so you can feel happy. Your habits form your future. By creating the habit of happiness you form a future living in happiness – automatically without ever having to think about it. You will simply do and think the things that make you happy!

Can You Measure Your Level of Happiness?

You need a way to measure both concrete and intangible concepts and ideas. Until you can map your progress you have no clue if you are on the right path or moving forward toward your goal. The PHQ measures your level of happiness.

People talk about being happy and living in happiness. But rarely do they define what happiness means to them. I wonder, if you do not know what happiness means for you then how can you possibly know when you arrive, when you live in happiness? I know, you are asking, "Ali, how can you define an intangible concept like happiness?"

Actually, you can define intangibles as easily as you do concrete items. When you stop to think about concrete items vs. intangible concepts you realize that you do not measure any thing but rather you measure the value that thing brings into your life.

What do I mean? You don't want a particular car. You want the way you feel when you sit in that car, when you drive it when you park it in your driveway. You want the essence of the car.

Same thing with happiness. You want to feel the way you feel when you live in happiness. You want that physical, emotional and spiritual sensation that happens when you feel happy.

When I work with people on a 1:1 basis I start them out looking at their values and priorities. Next step is formulating goals and affirmations that work (as opposed to how most gurus teach them) using the Personal Meaning Quotient (PMQ).

Next we then need a way to measure their happiness level so they can tell when they feel better and their life works more easily. To accomplish that end I developed the Personal Happiness Quotient (PHQ) which, basically, is a way to measure one's level of happiness across their life.

Sometimes you fail to see your forward progress because it happens incrementally day-by-day. People who only see you occasionally notice the difference. When you can see that difference yourself, without outside input, then you create automatic motivation to propel you through each day.

The ability to measure how far along you are on your path toward achieving any goad offers its own brand of motivation to keep moving forward, an essential ingredient when obstacles clutter the path.

Today I feel so very happy and grateful I am safe and warm during so much and so frequent snow and ice in my area

I Can Handle It Now

I am so happy to be able to some spend time at the computer chatting with you again, For many months I had to do nothing but take care of me. And you know what? Taking care of me above everything else feels mighty excellent.
Naturally, speaking/writing my Happy Shares daily (for me, not online) is paramount to my well being – and yours too. It is the only way I know to create the habit of happiness. And that, my friend., makes the difference between surviving and thriving!
When I say, “Love yourself first. It is NOT selfish. It is mandatory” I speak from experience.
I have so very much to share about what I discovered in self care that actually works. 😉

Exercising Full Out

It didn’t look very hopeful – being able to exercise with my brain unable to figure out the moves and my body unable to do them. Ah, now I am doing full on workouts without getting sick and my brain is working so well I took on a new high speed cardio video yesterday and kept up!! I am really happy to be exercising daily again – and feeling great during and afterward!

Please post your happy share here

What left you feeling happy, peaceful. calm or good today?

My Coming Out Party

I am super excited and ever so happy I got to be me – full out, on stage at my May 2 Book Launch Party. Great turnout of supportive loving friends who sent me the loving energy that gave me a good strong voice and decent balance.
Judging by the comments, hugs and book signings everyone enjoyed themselves. THANK you, Universe.

Fast and Best way to Create New Habits

You know why and how to create the habit of happiness, yes? If not then watch this video.
I found the fastest way to create any habit NOW.I finally have a direction for my own brain healing. YAy!
Please click LIKE and Share to change your world – and make a difference for somebody you know.