How To Be Happy NOW: Create the Habit of Happiness

Everything you do in life, bottom line, you do it so you can feel happy. Your habits form your future. By creating the habit of happiness you form a future living in happiness – automatically without ever having to think about it. You will simply do and think the things that make you happy!

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Today I feel so very happy and grateful I am safe and warm during so much and so frequent snow and ice in my area

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I Can Handle It Now

I am so happy to be able to some spend time at the computer chatting with you again, For many months I had to do nothing but take care of me. And you know what? Taking care of me above everything else feels mighty excellent.
Naturally, speaking/writing my Happy Shares daily (for me, not online) is paramount to my well being – and yours too. It is the only way I know to create the habit of happiness. And that, my friend., makes the difference between surviving and thriving!
When I say, “Love yourself first. It is NOT selfish. It is mandatory” I speak from experience.
I have so very much to share about what I discovered in self care that actually works. šŸ˜‰

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Exercising Full Out

It didn’t look very hopeful – being able to exercise with my brain unable to figure out the moves and my body unable to do them. Ah, now I am doing full on workouts without getting sick and my brain is working so well I took on a new high speed cardio video yesterday and kept up!! I am really happy to be exercising daily again – and feeling great during and afterward!

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Please post your happy share here

What left you feeling happy, peaceful. calm or good today?

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My Coming Out Party

I am super excited and ever so happy I got to be me – full out, on stage at my May 2 Book Launch Party. Great turnout of supportive loving friends who sent me the loving energy that gave me a good strong voice and decent balance.
Judging by the comments, hugs and book signings everyone enjoyed themselves. THANK you, Universe.

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Fast and Best way to Create New Habits

You know why and how to create the habit of happiness, yes? If not then watch this video.
I found the fastest way to create any habit NOW.I finally have a direction for my own brain healing. YAy!
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